Iphone News: Skype, enterprise email on iPhone now enabled thx to WebEx PCNow

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Skype, enterprise email on iPhone now enabled thx to WebEx PCNow

WebEx PCNow, a tool that enables remote access to PCs from mobile devices, is now iPhone-compliant.

Prior to the official release of this service today, I spoke with Jack Chawla, senior director of product management at Cisco-owned WebEx. He explained a win-win situation for iPhone users that should be obvious.
“We’ve been noticing that consumers are buying iPhones on their personal account. “If you look at what is happening with Web 2.0 technologies, consumers are using them in their professional life.”
As to the WebEx PCNow service, it costs $11.95 a month for two PCs. And not only can you get your enterprise email via your iPhone, but you can use Skype, too. SkypeOut on iPhone can be used to call contacts even on mobile devices that are not supported by the Skype mobile client.
Other capabilities include:
Mobile File Access— Access and view files, photos, and documents stored on your remote computer from iPhone.
Mobile Desktop Search—Via iPhone, use popular desktop search tools such as Google, and Windows to quickly find documents, emails, images and contacts stored on the desktop PC. Easily forward files from search results to colleagues and friends.
Mobile Outlook Integration – Read, reply, forward or delete emails and have your changes automatically updated on the Outlook on your computer. You can even create emails or appointments, and access contacts.
WebEx is doing this via a partnership with mobile technology provider SoonR. Content is optimized for the Safari web browser included in the iPhone.

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