Iphone News: A Program that Unlocks the iPhone?

Monday, September 3, 2007

A Program that Unlocks the iPhone?

According to reports, an anonymous group of software developers claims to have developed a program that unlocks Apple's iPhone, thus making it operational on any GSM network across the globe. As of now, the iPhone is available only in the US, and is operational only on the AT&T network, under an exclusive two-year agreement between Apple and AT&T.

The iPhone unlocking program was demonstrated by Los Angeles-based software consultant named Brett Schulte, who replaced AT&T with a T-Mobile SIM card, and within a few seconds, the iPhone became operational. Schulte said the procedure doesn't require opening or disassembling of the device, and unlocking can be done in just about two minutes. Apparently, the anonymous group includes six people from three different continents, who claim to have unlocked the device just as a hobby. The developers plan to put the software on sale, though no price has been finalized yet. They have also created a Web site called, which has some information on the program but does not give a way to purchase it yet. Meanwhile, an AT&T spokesman said that though they could not hypothesize on the authenticity of hacking the iPhone, they hurried to remind users that by buying the iPhone, they become contractually indebted to AT&T. A similar incident took place about a week back, where a teenager claimed to have found the way to unlock the iPhone, though by disassembling the device.

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